Monday, June 28, 2010

42 Years Older—and Proud of it!

I encourage you to go to your class reunion, but just here did the time go?

We may not look the same, but let's all agree, we're "better than ever!" Inwardly we're stronger, wiser, more confident...with bits of wisdom evident from the gray hairs on our head.

My invitation came in its' bold red and black colors. The Medford 'Black Tornado' Class of 1968 invites you to the 40th Class Reunion.

“This is unbelievable; forty years?” The words came rushing out of my mouth, and inwardly I squirmed at the very thought of that many years slipping by so fast. Frowning, my questions and furrowed brows revealed my stunned reaction to my husband. "Tell me we aren’t this old, because I'm just not feeling it!"
I rolled my eyes and stressed. "I'll have to lose twenty pounds.” Yet the minute the words escaped, thoughts of self-acceptance flitted through my head. Quit whining and choose to lose it, hide it…or lighten up and choose to accept myself the way I am. I relaxed as my mind quickly justified the extra pounds that in midlife seem to persistently and comfortably taken up residency in my midsection—after all, I am a grandma and proud of it!

A Bit of Wisdom: Self-acceptance allows us to enjoy life’s “reunions,” and have gratitude for our less-than-perfect selves.

Summer is here -- enjoy!