Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shake the Love Around

Our daughter Susan and two grandchildren recently spent a long weekend at our home. Since they live nine hours away, it was a real treat to have Addy, 2½ and Levi 4 1/2 with us. We had a great time together, bowling with our Wii, visiting Discovery Place, having a fire in our backyard pit (and discovering that the children preferred unroasted marshmallows), playing at our neighborhood playground, ice cream from their auntie, reading stories, eating treats and just enjoying being in the same place with each other. We packed a lot in our 4 days and have 156 photos to prove it!

Susan told me that Levi’s love languages were time and touch. He confirmed it with invitations to bowl with him, holding hands on walks and tons of hugs and kisses. I asked if he would still hold my hand when he was 16 and I was 76. (I might need it then.) “Oh yes, Nonni,” he said. “You are the best Nonni in the whole world.” Can you spell “melt”?

Our custom is to hold hands when we pray at meals. Our granddaughter Addy always finishes by shaking our hands and saying, “Shake the love around.” We laugh and are so thankful for the gifts of family and food. It’s a treasure to hear them pray and enjoy our family times.

What about you? Have you thought about your children’s and grandchildren’s love languages? How do you/they express and receive love? Knowing if love languages are gifts, time, meaningful touch, words and/or acts of service can enrich relationships, avoid miscommunication and even spare hurt feelings.

Think about it. Where do you see them derive the greatest appreciation and joy? What about you? Is it time to shake your love around?

With love,