Monday, January 31, 2011

Same lyrics…new meaning

Judy and I had coffee together last week. Well….we each enjoyed separate blends while sitting at our desks, she in Oregon and I in NC. We played catch-up about our families, the holidays, what we’re working on writing-wise and generally, life.

For Judy, this was the first time she hadn’t spent Christmas in her own home. You know from a previous post that I spent my holidays on two sides of the US. I was thankful that we were able to fly across the country and be with family, but oh so different from holidays with my extended family who all lived in the same city. We, as Boomers, are living a new season unlike our parents. Based on crowded airports and parents lugging car seats and pulling toddlers along to catch flights, I knew that I wasn’t alone. It’s all about change. During our hour and a half conversation (and that was short for us), we reviewed some of our writing and came across expressions that made us reminisce and laugh. It was hilarious to see how the meaning of lyrics evolved for us. Jog your memory and play along with us.

“Twist and shout” used to refer to a dance…then as we established our families, we applied the expression to balancing home, work and carpool shouting, “Hurry or we’ll be late!” How do you twist and shout now?

You’ve come a long way baby”
used to refer to strides for women…from women’s suffrage to equality in the workplace. In what ways have you come a long way, baby? ? /strong>

“I’m leaving’ on a jet plane,”
referred to an old Peter Paul and Mary song with its free spirit …perhaps it later referred to business or family travel…. What does leaving’ on a jet plane mean to you now?

This is just a start. Tell us what you remember—what the lyrics meant then, and what they mean now. And…if any other lyrics come to mind that were “back in the day”, please share.

We’re having coffee next week—again in different time zones. Yes, the times, they are achangin’.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!
I was away from home for 18 days (yes you read that right--18) visiting my children and grandchildren on opposite sides of the US. We all had a great time and counted ourselves blessed to be able to travel and be so welcomed in our children’s homes. But….in all honesty, it was good to be back and be in our own beds. As I looked back at our holiday and forward into the new year, I wanted to share a few ideas…really only a few because I still have laundry to do…. with you that you as Boomer grandmothers may find useful. I am hoping that you will add to the list.

Purchase or make a personalized ornament documenting the date your grandchild became a Christian. I have had the joy of purchasing two of those!

Help your grandchild make a card or ornament with his handprint, photo and date for his parents. That makes a memory for three generations!

With the start of a new year, begin a journal exclusively for a grandchild and share memories, prayers and verses for them. Present it when they are 18.

Choose Bible verses to pray for your adult children and grandchildren for the year.

We’d welcome your ideas that are “adult and grandchildren friendly” that you implemented during the recent holiday season and those as you look toward the new year. Please comment and post!