Monday, September 19, 2011

After All, What Does Mom or Grandma Know?

Just when we think we're getting caught up with a child or grandchild's creative imagination, this happens. SIDENOTE: My granddaughter, Olivia, is always making something out of nothing. With scraps of material she hand stitches clothes for stuffed animals, dolls, or anything else with legs. My daughter and I laughed about being put in our place by Olivia my 10 year old granddaughter. She shared this recently about a brief conversation she had with Olivia.

Crucial piece: "Bobo" is a small purple monkey from McDonalds that Olivia has already sewn multiple ensembles.
The chat that followed::
Olivia: "Mom what should I make?"
Her mom/my daughter: "Olivia, why don't you make a safari outfit for Bobo so he can go visit his family in Africa."
Olivia: "Mom, Bobo doesn't need a safari outfit! He is Chinese! Even if he was going to Africa he wouldn't need clothes because he is just a monkey!

When all is said and done, what does a mom know?

I was put in my place this summer, too, when I was explaining to Olivia about an upcoming trip we were taking the kids to on the Umpqua River.

I (Grandma) said: "Olivia, depending on where we are fishing on the river, you (and her brother and sister) may not be able to swim in the water." Seemed simple enough.

Olivia calmly, yet wiwth confidence said, "Grandma, that's like telling a horse not to run!"

Once gain, when all is said and done, what does a Grandma know. Very little. Neither mothers, nor grandma's can keep up? Who cares?

The humor of a child's "wisdom" is gift enough.

Add your children/grandchildren's one-liners... or more!

I love being a Grandma, and seeing life through their eyes...and imaginations!

Judy Dippel

Monday, September 5, 2011

Building Blocks

As you can see from our last post in July, Judy and I have taken a break from blogging. Each of us has taken some trips to faraway places—Spain and Alaska! And…we’ve also spent time with family.

I had some unusually large doses of visits with my family here and at their homes on both sides of the US. The grandchildren are growing all too fast! It was fun to see the changes in their communication, play, interests and interaction. Where we used to build with blocks, I now watch one of them ride a two wheeler bike without training wheels. Anxious moments of getting into a swimming pool have moved to jumping off the side of a pool or diving off a diving board. We no longer need a booster chair at the kitchen table.

Their faith is growing too. They are all memorizing scripture and love going to church. They pray at meals and at bedtime. It is sweet!

One of the greatest privileges and roles we have as a mother and grandmother is to pray for our children and grandchildren. No matter where they live, work or go to school, it seems as if there is a battle of some sort to fight and so, something to pray about. Last month, I spent some time looking at scripture to pray for my grandchildren as they began school. I came up with thirty one verses that I felt represented some principles that I hoped they would learn to incorporate into their lives. Why thirty-one? One to pray each day for the entire school year. Rather than place the list on our blog, head over to and check out the scripture. I added a brief summary of the verse too. August’s post (under Devotions and Recipes) gives you the background. Feel free to print off the list and use it to build faith as you pray for those you love.

Building faith with you,